Adult Learning

I’ve just begun this blog, so hopefully this actually posts and I can get this thing off the ground. I’ve never had a blog before, so this is a new experience for me; please bear with me, as this could take a while to become something of worth!

I’ve just completed my first Module on Adult Learning for my EAL course. It was very interesting, and basically reviewed much information that I already know. Reminders are always beneficial, however, as being in school full time tends to lead to information overload.

After reading about the different ways of learning and gaining knowledge, I’ve come to realize that I learn best when I have a combination of both lectures and hands-on experience and examples, and when I have specific goals set out for myself prior to learning and being tested. In addition, I also learn well when I feel that what I am learning is relevant to my life and to what I do in work, relationships, school, etc. For example, in my Social Psychology class that I am currently taking, my Professor is fantastic; she does not simply lecture off of a power point presentation. Instead, she just talks with us about different theories and explains findings and information by the description of various experiments that have confirmed research. It is easy to pay attention and understand exactly what she’s talking about because of her easy, laid-back approach to teaching and the examples provided. As well, I have already found much relevance in what she’s taught me in regards to teaching; I am currently in a grade nine classroom, and so many of the dynamics in the class can be explained through Social Psychology theories.

I also found when reading this article that I am highly motivate in the sense of social welfare – I hope to become a teacher so I may be able to serve others and help in the bettering of people’s lives, both individualy and as a whole society. As well, there are times when I am motivated in terms of social relationships – I am always excited to meet new people and make more friends, so learning with others works well for me and both excites and interests me!

Hopefully this blog isn’t too boring or mundane, and stay tuned as I journey through the rest of this course!

– Kels


About kelseegp

My name is Kelsey, and I've set up this blog for an online course I'm taking for the English as a Second Language Teacher Certificate Program at my university. I'm really excited about both the course and the benefits of having this certificate, and can't wait to start sharing about my learning experiences over the next few months.
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One Response to Adult Learning

  1. Margerit says:

    You named a nice range of learning styles for different situations, and it’ll be interesting to see how you develop those kinds of ideas in your teaching. PS. Welcome to blogging! 🙂

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